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HTA Will Launch the New Kr-85 Thickness Measurement Source on the Market
The new domestic Kr-85 thickness measurement source developed by HTA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HTA”) will be put on the market soon.

The new domestic Kr-85 thickness measurement source developed by HTA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HTA”) will be put on the market soon. As a subsidiary of China Isotope and Radiation Corporation, HTA commits itself to the industrialization of nuclear technology application.

At the end of December 2019, the first batch of HTA’s domestic Kr-85 thickness measurement source with fully upgraded performance was officially produced and passed the quality tests, such as helium mass spectrometry leak detection, classification of radioactive source shell, Kr-85 leakage, electrical output characteristics, and surface contamination. The product fully meets the requirement of national standard (GB 4075-2009 General requirements and classification for sealed radioactive sources).

Kr-85 thickness measurement source is mostly used in paper, plastic, leather and metal film products industry. With the development of new technology, the performance indicators (e.g. electrical output characteristics, source intensity, leakage, etc.) for domestic Kr-85 thickness measurement source are requested to be higher.

HTA has always been closely focusing on market needs, actively optimizing the preparation process of the new Kr-85 thickness measurement source, and organizing researchers to tackle problems in technologies, including radioactive source shell material selection, structural design, window welding, inflation system, welding sealed of radioactive source shell, product inspection and waste gas recovery. After four tackling challenges years, HTA has successfully adopted the new preparation technology and launched the new Kr-85 thickness measurement source.

The new Kr-85 thickness measurement source uses low-abundance radioactive materials. Personnel are exposed to comparatively low radiation dosage. It has significantly improved electrical output characteristics and product safety performance. During the COVID-19 prevention and control period, research team at HTA  adjusted work plan to ensure the normal and efficient research and production.

At present, the manufacturers of Kr-85 thickness measurement source are only a few in the world. As a high-tech enterprise with both R&D and production capabilities of Kr-85 thickness measurement source in China, HTA will continue to develop and improve the products in accordance with market needs, and to provide products and services of excellence to more overseas customers.

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